Oh, hey! Welcome to my website. I've recently redesigned it. Take a look.


Move Your Business Online!

I enjoy making websites.

I'm interested... tell me more.

You're here either because you need to get your business online, or you simply want to get yourself online.
Good thing is, I have the experience you need.
I have been a website developer and Linux systems administrator for a while now, and have spoken with university graduates — who have applauded me for my excellence and attention to detail when making websites.
Oh, and I also mainly target people inside or around the United States — so if you are part of that group of people, I'll be waiting.

Now, I'll be honest — I'm not amazing at web design, but I am getting better. I know how to use a few frameworks in order to get your business a clean look and I am fully able to make your website functional (such as letting users login etc.) — so, if you have any questions... I'm right here to give you a hand!

So, here's what I do...

I'm a website developer (I make websites) and a Linux systems administrator (I setup a place for the websites to live).

Yeah, it's honestly that simple.

Fancy a conversation?

Shoot me an email, and I'll get back to you ASAP. I almost always monitor my emails to I shouldn't be too long before replying.

Also, please be patient and don't send me text chat. Try to stay professional... a bit of humour won't hurt.

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